Bennett Katelyn
Katelyn Bennett
Staff Photographer

Katelyn chose to major in psychology at Reading Area Community College because she finds psychological theories easily understood and practical. She enjoy learning about new ways to help individuals with psychological disorders. Within this field, she hopes to develop new therapeutic treatment methods without a heavy reliance on prescription drugs. Katelyn will graduate in 2017.

Giving back to her community is a big part of Katelyn’s life. She has volunteered at the Kennedy House Soup Kitchen, Reading; Animal Rescue League, Birdsboro; her parish, and her local library. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the International  Honor Society for two-year colleges.

In addition to photography, Katelyn enjoys playing the guitar, hiking, writing movie reviews/plot analyses, listening to music, and reading both nonfiction and young adult novels. Even though she’s afraid of heights, she still loves to ride roller coasters.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol has had a huge impact on several of my family members’ lives as well as my community. We must care about the disease of addiction because without compassion and support, addicted individuals are highly unlikely to recover.