The Writing Wrongs program is suspended until further notice.

Writing Wrongs: On Location is the traditional Writing Wrongs program that began in 2015. The purpose is to give college students practical experience exploring significant social justice issues through interviewing those involved and sharing their stories to amplify their voices and thus raise awareness. This program traditionally takes place on Labor Day weekend in September.

Students assemble in a specific location for the weekend to conduct interviews, hear speakers, and collaborate to create a book that reveals that experience through words and pictures. 

Prior to arrival on location, students participate in a variety of preparatory readings, videos, and online discussions with other participants. The weekly time commitment for the prep work is approximately two to five hours.

Students interview and photograph people who want to share their experiences and create a print book with the stories of challenges faced by people in our communities. They will also digitally record interviewees and staff members to create videos that will go on our website. Topics covered in previous programs include homelessness, addiction, immigration, domestic violence and sexual assault, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Writing Wrongs arranges for interviewees and speakers. During the weekend, there will be sessions with all participants and small group sessions for writers, photographers, designers, and social media staff. Working together, eating together, and making publication decisions together — all provide an enriching collaborative experience. A sense of camaraderie and common purpose pervades the weekend. 


Lodging and meals for students and advisors are provided by Writing Wrongs. The program is supported by grants, sponsorships, and donations of generous supporters who understand the importance of Writing Wrongs.


We are not accepting applications at this time.

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We accept donations through PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. If you prefer traditional methods, you may mail a check to our Post Office box. Checks should be made payable to Writing Wrongs.