Critical Race Theory tells us that racism is more than just individual acts of hate committed by one person against another. The United States engaged in the capture, transport, and enslavement of Black people, therefore deeming those people as having less value than whites. Once a country adopts the idea that nonwhite people are not equal, that idea is present – consciously or subconsciously — into everything that country’s white leaders and citizens do. System racism does not mean that every individual person is racist. It means that racist ideology was built by default into our educational, judicial, law enforcement, health care, and public welfare systems.

This fall, 26 students from 18 colleges and universities will travel to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to explore the lives of local Black people and People of Color. As Writing Wrongs staff, the students will interview, photograph, and digitally record these personal stories for inclusion in a print book that will be available online and on our website.

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Writing Wrongs’ mission is to raise awareness and promote better understanding of social issues and to inspire others to do the work to make change possible.

All students and advisors at the Writing Wrongs On Location program have provided verification of COVID-19 vaccination and will be masked. The group will be following the CDC recommendations regarding virus protection.