The Writing Wrongs program is suspended until further notice.

Writing Wrongs: Nationwide is an innovative answer to the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and has become an integral part of the Writing Wrongs opportunities. Without limitations on travel, Writing Wrongs: Nationwide expands both the participation of college students and the impact on raising awareness of social issues.

Writing Wrongs: Nationwide offers college students from across the country the opportunity to share their perspectives and the view from their community through a virtual collaboration. One of the primary benefits of the virtual program will be the added experience of students creating their own assignments — setting up interviews and photo shoots relevant to the topic. This opportunity not only provides vital experience but also gives their collaborative work a much broader perspective of the social issue.

The remote modality includes access to initial preparation and education on the focus topic. Also, the additional remote preliminary sessions over a period of weeks foster camaraderie. Writing Wrongs: Nationwide culminates in remote workshop sessions on the final weekend when the exciting work of completing the publication occurs — that is, “putting the book to bed.”

The Nationwide program is on hiatus until further notice.

Feature Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels