“I am very grateful to have been able to be a part of this program.”
— Kristen Marcinek, WW2019 Staff Writer (Rutgers University ‘21)

“I had a blast at it and I’m so proud of the work we did.”
— Sydney Herdle, WW2019 Staff Photographer (Penn State University Park ’20)

“I’m so excited to receive this book and see the product of everybody’s work! It was so much fun to participate in Writing Wrongs this year; it was difficult but very rewarding!”
— Veronika Hammond, WW2019 Staff Illustrator (Montclair State University ’22)


“We are happy to support this educational media project in the community. Really enjoying the new edition. A thought provoking look at a difficult issue. Kudos to you and this year’s team on a job well done.”
— Heather Adams, BCTV  (2018)

“At Writing Wrongs, what I’ve been doing so far is I’ve been interviewing survivors of domestic abuse and I just see it as a really — it’s been really hard to listen to because it’s really intense, powerful stuff but I think this offers a way to share these stories so people don’t feel as alone and so people know it’s a real problem. It’s just been really powerful.”
— Maria Trovato, WW2018 Staff Writer (University of Maryland ’21)


2017 Topic: Immigration

This has been the most important thing I have done. I still have not completely recovered.
— Carlee Nilphai, WW2017 Staff Writer (Millersville University ‘19)


“We just received our copies of the Writing Wrongs publication and it is a phenomenal piece! Thank you for inviting us to be included. We are honored to be a part of it, and looking forward to sharing it with others.”
— Jennifer L. Kaucher, Prevention Specialist, Council on Chemical Abuse (2016)