Staff Writer

 Mia Boccher, sophomore Journalism and Political Science major with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Rutgers University, is lending her writing skills to the Writing Wrongs 2019 staff. Not only does Mia hope to better her journalistic skills and hone her passion for politics, she wants to help educate the public and give people a way for their voices to be heard.

“Whether my stories educate audiences on important issues or allow others to have their experiences documented,” she explains, “I hope to be able to reach out and connect with people. I believe that as a journalist I have a responsibility for telling the news globally, and because of that I want to cover stories from all over the world, from multiple people.”

Mia is an active member of the Rutgers community. She’s a writer/photographer for the student newspaper, “The Daily Targum.” She serves as the treasurer for Ultraviolet, an LGBT club for those who identify as female. Mia represents Ultraviolet in the school’s Queer Caucus, a group that “aims to develop leadership and community building for LGBTQ+ students.” She is also a member of Amnesty International at Rutgers. Her educational plans include completing a 5-year program to graduate with a Masters degree in Journalism and possible additional schooling.

Additionally, Mia writes for “Affinity Magazine” and took part in the ACLU’s 2017 Summer Advocacy Institute at Georgetown University. When not involved with course work or clubs, Mia enjoys writing creatively, watching classic movies, and traveling.

The dumbest thing Mia ever did was unbuckle her seat belt and sit on an open car window while her friend was driving at more than 80 miles per hour. “It was something that I did recklessly and unthinkingly, so overcome by excitement from the day. I wanted to feel the sharp wind against my hair, my face, and my body,” she said. Her friend was not enthused by Mia’s spontaneous act and yelled for her to come back inside the vehicle, and Mia complied.

Mia’s interest in Writing Wrongs 2019 reflects her professional as well as personal goals:

“Writing and editing in the Writing Wrongs team for a printed publication would give me the opportunity to further my skills in interviewing multiple individuals, writing more cohesively, and editing my language. In addition, the opportunity of working with a group of talented young people to create a printed piece of work that highlights the experiences of people in a community that I am a proud member of would be an incredible experience.”