Staff Writer

Majoring in Communication Arts with a concentration in journalism at Ramapo College of New Jersey, senior Kimberlee Bongard joins the Writing Wrongs 2019 Staff as a writer. She is an editor for the college’s student newspaper, The Ramapo News. Music is also huge part of Kimberlee’s life, and she chose this as a minor. She plans events and concerts for the Ramapo Music Club.

Kimberlee’s future plans include attending graduate school to earn a degree in ethnomusicology, but she also wants to use her writing skills to make a difference. After she graduates from Ramapo College, she hopes to confront real-world issues and share stories that will educate people, especially in her own town. Her future plans also

“I hope to shed light on issues in local communities,” she said, “specifically in New Jersey, and how people in those communities are igniting change. I know that my reporting is making an impact when I’m interviewing someone who has not had the opportunity or platform to tell their story before.”

The craziest thing Kimberlee’s ever done was drive to Colorado with her best friend in just two days, stopping only for gas. The reason for this was so they had more time to hike in Colorado’s beautiful state parks — which they did for three days before having to drive all the way back to New Jersey. Although it was tiring, Kimberlee said that “the fast-paced trip made me realize how vast the Midwest is as well as how much we can travel and explore even in a short span of time.”

At Writing Wrongs 2019, Kimberlee wants to learn more about the perspectives and experiences of LGBTQ+ people — what their concerns are for the future or even at the present moment.

“This year’s topic about the LGBTQ+ community is especially timely considering countries around the world are each taking their own pace with implementing LGBTQ+ rights. Even in the United States, laws pertaining to LGBTQ+ citizens vary from state to state so it is vital that local news outlets explore specific issues that people are facing and highlight what organizations like the LGBT Center of Greater Reading are doing in order to ignite change in their communities.”