Staff Designer

Claudia Argueta, a senior at Kean University, majors in Graphic Design: Interactive, Screen, and Print. “Art was always a part of me,” she said, “and I wanted to make a career out of my art and creativity.” After she was at Kean for several years, Claudia began exploring her options. That’s how she discovered the Michael Graves College, which specializes in educating students in architecture and design.

Hoping to one day be able to teach others about the power of graphic design, Claudia is harnessing her passion to make change happen for the greater good.

“As my passion grows for graphic design, I have learned that I can use my voice for the better … what I hope to accomplish in my field is to create a change,” Claudia said. “I hope to give voice to those who are to afraid to be heard. The way I can make that happen is by dedicating my time in helping create projects like Writing Wrongs and other programs just like it.”

When she’s not using her powerful designs to make the world a better place, Claudia dedicates her time to the Lambda Sigma Alpha Honor Society and will be the treasurer of Kean’s Graphic Organization Club, GO!, in Fall 2019. This spring, she participated in both the Let’s Charrette! design competition, a part of Kean’s Thinking Creatively Conference. She also loves exploring new places, spending time with family, painting, and trying new things.

The scariest thing Claudia ever did was get a tattoo on her wrist without her parents’ knowledge. She’s afraid of needles and she was also afraid of what her parents’ reaction would be. “Due to all of that fear, I compromised with something small and something meaningful to my family,” she said. Her parents approved of Claudia’s choice, so this adventure had a happy ending. She’s ready for another tattoo!

Why does Claudia want to participate in Writing Wrongs 2019?

“My best friend is a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Learning and understanding his point of view as a young gay man has really opened my eyes to how close-minded people can still be in 2019. I see how he struggles to live his normal life because his parents do not accept him … I want to do this for future generations so they do not have to go through the same thing.”