Staff Writer

Carly O’Neill‘s father used to tell her that he could envision her future as a high-powered reporter like Diane Sawyer. Somewhere along the way, Carly developed the desire for investigative journalism. She will graduate from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 2021 with a degree in Speech Communication/Broadcasting concentration. Carly is pursuing two minors: International Studies and Journalism.

Carly is the features editor of Millersville’s student newspaper, The Snapper. She is also active in Expressions Dance, a student-run dance studio. She plans to study French and liberal arts at the Institut Catholique de Paris in the Spring 2020 semester.

Her dreams for the future are vast and deep. Carly’s goal is to work her way up in the field to become an international journalist. “My favorite thing about being a writer is using my ability as a platform for others to tell their story or impact people in a meaningful way,” Carly said. “As an international journalist, I would like to learn about various cultures through immersing myself, and inform others on hard topics like poverty, corrupt societies, and discrimination.”

When Carly isn’t working, she enjoys exploring Mother Nature by hiking.

Carly’s scariest moment was in middle school. She was a gymnast and describes the sport as “the most adrenaline-rushing, invincible feeling.” However, she was afraid of the balance beam. When she learned how to do a back handspring on the beam, Carly was ecstatic. But when her coach noticed and asked her to do it again, the pressure to perform the move and land perfectly was enormous since everyone was now watching. She was able to repeat the move and save herself a ton of embarrassment.

Carly’s interest in the 2019 program is clear:

“Being the daughter of two dads, the LGBTQ+ community has a direct effect on me. … My … ‘padres’ as I call them, have opened the door to this community and allowed me to share this beautiful life with them. I would love to aid in Writing Wrongs community journalism efforts, by bringing to light other’s stories who feel closeted or misinterpreted in a world full of discrimination. It is important that their voices be heard in a meaningful way that allow others to feel inspired and accepting. … [L]et’s help our fellow citizens come to realize that love is love, no matter what shape, size or form.”