Staff Writer

Tyler McMaster will graduate from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in fall 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, complimented by two minor concentrations: Professional Writing and Women’s & Gender Studies. He is considering graduate studies, but may first take a break from school.

With his degree, Tyler hopes to help others find empowerment and strength by sharing his own truths and observations of the world. He seeks to amplify voices that are continually silenced by oppression and abusive control.

In addition to his regular course work, Tyler writes for KU’s chapter of Her Campus, and will also be the social media coordinator starting in the fall.

Tyler tries to be an empathetic, patient, and willing ear to those struggling in their day-to-day lives. He also enjoys reading, playing guitar, binge-watching shows, or writing.

Tyler is known by his friends as the person who will stand up for what he believes in — loudly.

Why did Tyler want to participate in Writing Wrongs 2018?

I applied for Writing Wrongs because I feel that our current patriarchal society can be a dangerous place for men and women. I want to stop talking about taking action and actually take it. To be able to come together with a group of passionate activists is something I have sought out for years, but hadn’t fully realized there was this fire that had always burned within me. What I hope to gain from this experience is an ability to connect with other activists who are just as adamant about seeking an end to domestic violence and sexual assault as I am. I have met far too many survivors who feel haunted and helpless due to our current culture. We need to stop fearing these important conversations and talk about the cultural issues our country faces. This is why I feel that Writing Wrongs is taking a positive step in the right direction. We’re not only giving voice to those who feel voiceless but are also starting a healthy dialogue that encourages change in our society.