Staff Writer

Michaela Yurchak majors in Communication Studies at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She pursues three minor concentrations: Professional Writing, Public Relations, and Digital Communication & New Media. She will graduate in spring 2019.

Michaela would like to work at a well-known Women’s Rights Activist group in Washington, D.C. to advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

“As part of my work, I hope to educate children about the importance of feminism and intersectionality in everyday life,” she said.

Michaela’s long-term goals include leading a well-known Women’s Rights Activist group and creating a program for all K-12 schools to educate their students about the importance of feminism and consent. She also plans to start a blog that would share her own journey with both women’s rights and animal rights.

At KU, Michaela is the Vice President of both the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance and the Veg Club, a club for vegetarians and vegans.

She enjoys cooking vegan food and having informative conversations about being vegan and a being a feminist. She’s always up for trying new vegan restaurants.

Her friends describe her as the person who loves cows.

This is what Michaela says about participating in Writing Wrongs 2018:

Since I am a survivor who is still working through trauma and learning how to cope, I hope to use this opportunity to meet other survivors and expose myself to their pain and experience. By doing this I can learn crucial skills that will help me as I move on to my career in women’s activism. These skills include learning how to balance emotion and information when trying to help and educate people about sexual assault and domestic violence.

I also take great honor in being able to give survivors a voice and platform to explain their experiences and feelings about their trauma. I was not given that opportunity until I came to college and became a member of FMLA, so I continuously work to give other survivors a better experience than I was given.