Staff Photographer

Drive and determination are admirable traits, and Matthew Ludak has them in abundance. He is double majoring in English and history at Drew University, Madison, New Jersey, and will graduate in spring 2019. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in either film or journalism. Matthew’s career goals include working as a journalist to report on important issues and eventually transitioning to directing and screenwriting.

Matthew is the president of Drew club soccer. He also serves as the secretary and public relations manager for the school’s history club. For fun, Matthew likes to play soccer, surf, take pictures, and binge-watch “The Office.”

His friends describe him as the person who knows a lot about film.

About participating in WW2018, Matthew said this:

I hope that by participating in this program I will be able to put my skills in photography to use in raising awareness of the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault. I also hope that my interview and portrait photography skills will improve. In general, though, I just hope that my contributions will make a positive impact in any way, shape, or form.