Staff Writer

Marissa Dunbar will graduate from Northampton Community College in spring 2019 with an Associate degree in Communication Design, after which she hopes to write for magazines. Her goal is to eventually work for a fashion magazine or company. Marissa has worked on company newsletters at a previous job, and enjoys this type of work.

When she’s not working or studying, Marissa can be found outdoors, kayaking, hiking, tennis, running, or playing with her dog.

Her friends describe her as the person with an eye for style.

Here’s what Melissa said about being selected for Writing Wrongs 2018:

While participating in Writing Wrongs 2018, I intend to learn more about how to bring awareness upon domestic violence and sexual assault … I want to feel the heartbreak [of the victims’] story as well as the positivity they created by speaking out about it to help others. Learning, being involved, and spreading awareness is my goal for Writing Wrongs 2018.