Staff Designer

James “Jay” Burton hopes that his major at Widener University  — Communication Studies with a Graphic Design concentration — will improve his understanding of design techniques that will be useful in his future career. He intends to pursue graduate studies in animation, and eventually apply to a big-name company or freelance as a Graphic Designer.

James participates in Widener’s dance program and the student-run Widener Dance Company, and also excels in track and field. When his grueling schedule allows, he enjoys playing video games, being active on social media, and sketching designs that he can later use in Adobe Creative Suite.

He is known by his friends as the person who is always pointing out things only a graphic designer would notice, like typography and color on building signs.

In addition to making new creative friends and working with people who have a drive equal to his own, James said this about participating in Writing Wrongs 2018:

I want to be able to learn from those that unfortunately have suffered from [domestic violence and sexual assault] and be able to bring awareness to others … Being on this team is such a valuable experience because I get to advocate for it and to hopefully get one step closer to prevent it from happening to someone else.