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Alumna Contributor

Carlee Nilphai is a senior at Millersville University, majoring in English /journalism concentration with two minors: music and theater. She will graduate in spring 2019, and her post-graduation plans include possibly teaching English in Thailand or getting a job before before pursuing graduate studies.

With her bachelor of arts in English, Carlee initially wants to write for a publication to determine what type of writing she prefers. Ultimately, she seeks to help people — her goal is to build a career on writing for change and advocacy.

“I also want to write for a magazine like Vogue, a newspaper like The New York Times, a website like Huffington Post, and I want to eventually write a book as well,” she said.

Carlee serves as the Vice President of Her Campus Millersville, and is a member of both the school’s drama clubs as well as the Cantilena Women’s Choir. She also plays co-ed soccer.

Music is a big part of Carlee’s life, and she listens to different genres and attempts to learn to play different instruments. You could also find her reading or watching trashy TV. And, of course, writing.

Carlee’s friends describe her as the person who likes to talk and who tries to be as giving and nice as possible.

She participated in last year’s program on immigration, and lends her insight:

This is my second time with Writing Wrongs, so I have some different goals and also a lot of the same goals. Last year, I learned a lot about a topic I thought I already was pretty educated on, but I learned so much more than I ever thought I could, both information-wise and emotionally.

I would like to learn and grow more this year … I have always had sympathy and a desire to help people in this situation, but never knew where to go to start that. I want to learn more about to really make change happen for victims and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault.

This is my first time really using social media as a promotion tool, so I hope I will learn a lot and do it justice.