Staff Writer

Amanda Paradis will graduate from Arcadia University, Glenside, Pennsylvania, in spring 2019 with a bachelor of science in criminal justice. She intends to either pursue graduate studies or apply to law school. Amanda aspires to become a lawyer so she can defend wrongfully convicted individuals. She would eventually like to work with an Innocence Project, and completed an internship with the Pennsylvania Innocence Project as part of her studies at Arcadia.

When she’s not busy trying to improve the world, Amanda can be found singing, playing piano, running, or traveling.

Her friends describe her as the person who is always willing to go on an adventure.

Amanda has solid reasons for wanting to participate in Writing Wrongs 2018.

The topics for Writing Wrongs this year is something I hold close to my heart. … [M]any people dear to me … have been victims of sexual assault. Domestic violence and sexual assault are difficult to discuss, but that’s what makes individual’s experiences so impactful. I hope to use Writing Wrongs as a platform to gain a better understanding of how people cope with these traumas and how it impacts not only the individual, but also the community. I hope to use my voice, and writing, as a means to spread awareness about domestic violence and show it is not something people should be afraid or ashamed to discuss.