Max Gondolfo is a Fine Arts major/Photography concentration at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. He expects to graduate in 2019, after which he may pursue a higher degree in photography.

Photo of Max Gondolfo
Max Gondolfo
Staff Photographer

In the short term, Max wants to further his knowledge and experience to compose beautiful photographs. His long term goals are a bit more lofty.

“My long term goal would be to take photographs for weddings and then possibly even for magazines like “National Geographic” or “Life,” he said.

Max takes guitar lessons in his free time. He describes himself as “the type of person who orders a 20-inch Philly cheese steak and licks the plate.”

Staff Question: Explain why you believe that immigration is an important issue in our communities that needs to be confronted by our elected officials. 

Each individual is unique in every way and has something special to bring to the table no matter their place of origin.

“Immigration is not only a relevant issue in our communities today but there is a point where people have to realize that immigration is what this country is built on. Our country has only flourished the way that it has because it has been blessed by the good people that work hard each and every day to keep it up and running.

Our elected officials from this area of Reading all the way to the ones at the top of our government need to be shown how significant this topic of immigration is and that it must be addressed. Finally, compassion in regards to communication with the immigrants themselves I believe is without question necessary; however, when it comes to talking to our officials the last thing I would be is compassionate.”