Katherine Coble double majors in History and Classics at Franklin and Marshall College with an expected graduation date of Spring 2020. She is the news editor for the school’s weekly paper, “The College Reporter.” Katie is also the academic chair of Kappa Delta sorority and the director of communications for the F&M College Democrats.

Photo of Katherine Coble
Katherine Coble
Staff Writer

She plans to eventually attend law school.

“I hope to run for some kind of political office and be involved in my community’s political environment,” Katie said.

Meanwhile, she intends to pursue journalism professionally.

Journalism seeks the truth, uncovers the unknown, and gives a voice to those that cannot be heard through other channels. All good journalism is investigative journalism one way or another.

Katie describes herself as “someone who won’t drink unsweetened tea.”

Staff Question: Explain why you believe that immigration is an important issue in our communities that needs to be confronted by our elected officials. 

“I think the movement of people, whether they be leaving or going, constantly impacts communities of all sizes. It’s an issue that impacts everyone. Because immigration is part of the story of that movement, I think it would be irresponsible for elected officials to ignore it or avoid it. As with any social issue, there are very real people involved, and so I absolutely think compassion is necessary when addressing complex issues. The decisions elected officials make don’t exist in a vacuum — their effects are felt in real life. That’s why compassion is so necessary when making those decisions.”