Justin Sweitzer joins Writing Wrongs 2017 as an Alumni Contributor. He has two semesters remaining at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, where he majors in English/Professional Writing and minors in Digital Communication & New Media and Public Relations. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of KU’s student newspaper, The Keystone Newspaper. He’s also a student fellow with Raging Chicken Press, and a freelance reporter for Innovative Designs & Publishing.

Photo of Justin Sweitzer
Justin Sweitzer
Staff Print/Web Designer

After he graduates, Justin hopes to land a job in journalism right away. He plans to work his way up to a national publication where he can write about politics. He is also considering pursuing a Masters degree in English, Journalism, or Communication Studies.

Justin is a music aficionado, a political junkie, and a Philadelphia sports fan.

“I’m the type of person who is always open to a challenge,” Justin said. “I love seeing myself grow and challenging myself to learn new things and expand my knowledge of various subjects.”

Staff Question: Explain why you believe that immigration is an important issue in our communities that needs to be confronted by our elected officials. 

Addressing any social issue requires compassion, and the lack of compassion on a national and international stage is what is causing so much trouble in the immigration debate.

“The United States is a nation of immigrants, and it’s important that people look at immigrants for what they are: human beings rather than numbers.”


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