Carlee Nilphai will graduate from Millersville University in 2019 with a B.A. in English/Print Journalism concentration. She’s minoring in music and theater. Carlee is active on campus as part of the Cantilena women’s choir, the All Campus Musical Association, Citamard (the drama club), and plays co-ed intramural soccer. She’s also a content writer and secretary for the Millersville chapter of Her Campus. And in her free time (!) she enjoys singing and songwriting, baking, and yoga.

Photo of Carlee Nilphai
Carlee Nilphai
Staff Writer

Her post-graduation plans include graduate school or studying abroad, and she would like to eventually teach English in Thailand.

When asked about her short-term goals, Carlee said that she want to “accomplish something important — I want to help people by getting stories out there. I want to have a job I love and a position where I can make a difference.”

Carlee aims to eventually work for a major publication like The New York Times, Vogue, or Time. She wants to writes novel, a play, and maybe even a screenplay for a movie. “I really want to earn the EGOT,” she said.

Staff Question: Explain why you believe that immigration is an important issue in our communities that needs to be confronted by our elected officials. 

“This country was founded in the hopes that people could live here without fear of prosecution for their beliefs or way of life and as a place others could come to build a better life for themselves. “The American Dream” is what has brought millions of immigrants here for ages, and it is an idea that, while it is changing, is still what draws those from other countries to America today. But the threat of discrimination, racism, xenophobia, and prejudices of all kinds threatens the very dream this country was built on – that threat bears very heavy on the shoulders of immigrants.

“I strongly believe that we should not be spending time, money and energy on trying to deport and demean immigrants in this country.

We should not assume immigrants who make their home here are “taking jobs” or “bringing crime” because that is just not the truth. We should be helping them achieve what it is they came here to do — build a good life and live with the freedoms we Americans mostly take for granted.

“We should understand that immigrants come here to escape a life where they cannot live freely and cannot rise above poverty because where they came from makes it impossible. We should have compassion for those who want to live here and we should absolutely be aiding them, not trying to eradicate them. No one should be discriminated against for wanting freedom.”