The upcoming Fall semester will be Amanda Sergeyev‘s last at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She will graduate with a B.S. in Cinema, Television, and Media Production. She is one of KU’s Presidential Ambassadors, a service organization that connects current students to alumni.

Photo of Amanda Sergeyev
Amanda Sergeyev
Staff Videographer

Amanda plans to hit the ground running after graduation, writing blogs and producing videos for various companies. Her long-term goal is to build her own production company and work independently.

She describes herself as the type of person “who makes her own good luck with my strong work ethic and doggedness to succeed.”

Staff Question: Explain why you believe that immigration is an important issue in our communities that needs to be confronted by our elected officials. 

I strongly believe that the United States government should institute a method for illegal immigrants to become United States citizens without penalty.

“Immigration is important because the United States is founded on the idea of the country being a melting pot, open to various ethnicities and backgrounds. Although America is seen as the country of unlimited opportunities, which entices foreigners to legally emigrate to the U.S., it is still important to regulate illegal immigration. I think compassion is essential when facing future legislation pertaining to immigration. We can’t separate families because one member has illegally crossed the border.”