Kristen Cervenak
Staff Writer

Kristen is a journalism major at Northampton Community College. After she graduates in Fall 2017, she plans to transfer to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Her future goals also include becoming a book editor.

As a child, Kristen was a bookworm; this sparked her interested in writing. She dreamt of traveling the world and writing stories based on her adventures. A few years ago, her writing style shifted when she met a journalist who passionately explained the beauty of listening as opposed to just hearing. She began to appreciate listening to people discuss the things they love most, the troubles they faced, and the memories the couldn’t forget. She enjoys showcasing stories and words of encouragement.

“Journalists have the ability to amplify the voices that are not always heard,” she said. “I want to help inspire others through literature, the way I was as a child.”

When she returns to NCC this fall, Kristen will assume the leadership role of Editor-in-Chief of the college newspaper, The Commuter. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys playing video games, stargazing, meditating, singing, reading, writing poetry and submitting her work to online contests, photography, and traveling.

A year ago, Kristen lost someone extremely close to her heart to addiction. When they first met, he gave her his knit hat. It’s one of the most precious things she owns, and it inspired her to start knitting hats to raise awareness of drug overdose.

It is crucial for us to care about addiction because people who suffer from it may not always see a problem. As audience members of their personal horror movie, it is easy for us to see the danger looming before it catches up to them.