By Kristen Cervenak

Easy Does It (EDI) welcomed 49-year-old Thomas Kunkel in 2014. After 38 years of struggling with alcohol and crack cocaine, he found his way to safety and recovery. He refused to let his addiction stop him from fulfilling his dreams.

“It wears you out. It’s all-day work,” said Kunkel.

He achieved over six years of sobriety but relapsed and used again for two years. However, he is back on track with approximately 28 months of clean living for his second time in recovery. After his last relapse, he became homeless and checked himself into rehab for 90 days. After residing at a halfway house in Pottstown for three months, he came to EDI, where he has spent 18 months.

“It’s never too late,” he advised, “to get in recovery.”

With a sponsor and home group, he has found a place where he feels good about where he is. Kunkel is in his second semester at Berks Technical Institute; his goal is to become a restaurant manager.

“I’m pretty old to go back to school, though. But you’re never too old to go back.”