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What did you do last Labor Day weekend? Go to a few picnics? Wash the car? Hold down the couch? While you were doing that, seven students from six different colleges spent the weekend with residents at Easy Does It, Inc., a transitional housing facility in Leesport, Pennsylvania for people in recovery.
Read some of their stories here.
Support the program by buying their print book.

This holiday, why not engage in something exciting. Unique. Something your friends and family have (probably) never done.  Something meaningful. Profound.

Something that will change your life.

Writing Wrongs is that opportunity.

Applications for Writing Wrongs 2018 will open in January 2018.

You may apply for one of the following areas:

Writing / Editing

Print Design

Web Design

MultiMedia / Video


Social Media Management


Topic: To be determined

Who can apply?

Anyone who is at least 18 and registered as a student in fall 2018 may apply. You can be a student at a community college, a four-year school, or a grad student. In order to produce the best product and get the full experience, students must be available for the entire program, September 1 through 3, 2018.

This project usually attracts students majoring in English, Communications, Digital / Electronic or MultiMedia, Graphics Arts / Design, and Social Sciences, as well as students in honors and leadership programs. We encourage students from all disciplines to apply, as long as you meet the minimum requirements. The program has expanded to include all Pennsylvania colleges and universities. We encourage students from other states to apply, keeping in mind that Writing Wrongs cannot assist with transportation costs at this time.

We also need advisors.

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