Where did the idea for Writing Wrongs originate?  On Labor Day weekend 2013, Reading Area Community College (RACC) student Dawn Heinbach joined 21 other students from across the nation to attend Will Write For Food, a journalism program in Hollywood, Florida that focused on and worked out of the COSAC homeless shelter. (This shelter has since been demolished.)

The WWFF newsroom
The WWFF newsroom

You can see their finished product here.

On the flight home, Dawn was so inspired by the events of the weekend that she began thinking about how such a program could be done where she lived in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The idea rested on the back burner in her mind. In her final semester at Reading Area Community College, Dawn had to complete a feasibility study and an empirical research study in a Technical Writing class. Her idea resurfaced, and she completed the studies as an honors project with the service journalism idea as the topic.

The WWFF '13 team at work.
The WWFF ’13 team at work.

Dawn transferred to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Professional Writing. She completed an Independent Study course in the spring 2015 semester to bring the project to fruition. It became her Honors Program Capstone and she presented the project at the 17th annual Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference hosted by Alvernia University in April 2016.

This is Writing Wrongs.

Photographs on this page by Dawn Heinbach.

Dawn graduated summa cum laude from Kutztown University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and minor concentrations in Digital Communication & New Media and Public Relations. She earned a Master of Arts in Publishing from Rosemont College, Bryn Mawr, PA, in 2020. Dawn is currently earning a second Master of Arts degree in American Journalism at New York University‘s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.