Writing Wrongs is an advocacy journalism program that illuminates the inequity in our society through the power of the pen and the lens. By telling the stories of those directly involved, Writing Wrongs offers a different and often-ignored perspective that challenges stereotypes and prejudices.

For the past five years, students from different colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York gave up family and leisure time on Labor Day weekend and voluntarily immersed themselves in a relevant social issue. Donating their time and skills, they performed interviews, took pictures and videos, managed and updated our social media, and ultimately designed a print file that is now a published book.  They hoped to show the truth, bring the invisible and forgotten to the forefront. To share real stories of people who are living affected daily by these issues.

In 2015, they visited the residents of the Opportunity House and explored the issue of homelessness.
In 2016, they talked with the residents of Easy Does It, Inc. drug and alcohol treatment facility.
The following year, 2017, the topic was immigration and the students interviewed, photographed, and recorded on video the stories of more than a dozen people.
The topic in 2018 was domestic violence and sexual assault.
In 2019, the students visited the LGBT Center of Greater Reading and interviewed folks from the LGBTQ+ community.